Mock REST APIs with just your OpenAPI YAML/JSON

Full support for OpenAPI 3.0.x and 2.x (swagger) with a ton of configuration options and features.

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Main Features

MockingCloud is a fully managed REST API mocking solution, highly scalable with a lot of features. No more managing your own mock servers.


OpenAPI Support

We support the industry standard OpenAPI 3.0.x and 2.x (swagger) in both YAML and JSON formats. Support for OpenAPI 3.1.x is coming soon.


Cloud Native

MockingCloud fully manages the API servers - you will just have a URL to make calls to.



You can collaborate with your team in customizing the REST API requests and responses.


API Marketplace

Marketplace with 2350+ OpenAPI documents powered by



Our staff is available any time to help you if you have any problem with your mock API projects.



No additional headers needed to consume your mock APIs and your assets are stored securely in cloud.



Mock API responses are super fast by default ~250ms, however you can add a delay too.



You can have templates and variables to dynamically fill in responses. Coming Soon


Mock APIs can practically double development speed.

To reduce the dependency between teams and speed up development, many firms are switching to API-first development and microservice based architectures. This can be further improved by using Mock APIs. MockingCloud generates a mock server URL from an Open API spec (yaml/json) you own or from a pool of 2500+ open source OpenAPI projects, to share with other dev teams. This facilitates for frontend, dependent microservice development and testing, all to happen in parallel and get products and services faster to market.

We've just started with REST APIs, but we are on our way to "mock" more standards like GraphQL, AsyncAPI and gRPC soon.


Our Pricing Plans

We follow a very transparent pricing and use Stripe for subscriptions. If there isn't something in the plans that fit your need please shoot us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


$ 25/mo

  • 2 Projects
  • 3 Users
  • 25,000 API Calls / Month
  • Basic Support


$ 50/mo

  • 5 Projects
  • 10 Users
  • 150,000 API Calls / Month
  • Premium Support


$ 150/mo

  • 10 Projects
  • 25 Users
  • 500,000 API Calls / Month
  • Premium Support

Any Questions? Answered

To learn more about the features of MockingCloud and how to set up, please refer to the documentation. Have more questions? Get in touch with us at

Nope, once you create a project in MockingCloud, you will have a unique URL to that project, just replace the api base url/host url in your code/config. All your calls will be monitored against that unique url. No additional API headers or keys. needed.
API calls limits reset at the start of every month. If you think you will need more usage or need something specific, please send an email to
Most API responses are under 200ms, if you want to simulate delays, you can configure that too.
Yes, you can add all available CORS headers once you enable it at the project level.
Yes, you can definitely do that, depending on how you configure your endpoint in MockingCloud. By default, your default responses will be the examples from your OpenAPI spec, however you can configure them to be random values in responses that adhere to the OpenAPI spec, or you can even customize different responses for different request parameters configurations.
We do not support them currently, but we plan to do so very soon.
Yes, we support team collaboration, you can add your teammates and they can can customize the API responses for existing projects, create new projects etc.
MockingCloud uses Stripe to process all payments. Your card details will be stored in Stripe's systems and you can manage your payment methods using Stripe Billing console with in the app.

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